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At Walker Marketing, we don’t just talk about thought leadership — we practice it. You’re invited to read our blog posts and learn about our thoughts on marketing and public relations. We welcome your comments and questions.

How Senior Care Marketers Can Get Facebook Users to “Like” Them

By Walker Marketing | Nov 3, 2010

A recent study illustrates what Facebook users are looking for in a brand page. Does yours use the right tactics to roll out the red carpet and welcome them?

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Getting in the Trenches Helps Strengthen Your Senior Care Marketing Message

By Walker Marketing | Oct 14, 2010

It’s easier to understand and promote the senior care industry after you’ve spent time with the caregivers who make it all possible.

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Walker Marketing Launches Digital Marketing Program For Richmond County Tourism Development Authority

By Walker Marketing | Oct 13, 2010

Richmond County N.C. Tourism Development Authority retained the services of Walker Marketing of Concord, N.C. to develop a marketing communications plan and conduct digital and media outreach as a means to enhance tourism development.

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Senior Care Marketing Executives Can Find Social Success Through a Simple Four Step E.D.I.T.

By Walker Marketing | Sep 30, 2010

Engagement, diversification, innovation and transparency are vital to build a big audience.

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Smart Cookies: Digital Marketing and the Evolution of Online Behavior Tracking

By Walker Marketing | Sep 30, 2010

As tracking of online behavior has increased, so has the scrutiny of tracking practices.

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Tell it All and Tell it Fast

By Walker Marketing | Sep 28, 2010

When it comes to crisis communication, acting quickly and transparently can be critical to preserving the integrity of your brand.

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5 Reasons to Drive People to Your Facebook Page

By Walker Marketing | Sep 8, 2010

So you have a Facebook page… Now what?

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Faster + Better + Cheaper = Waste

By Walker Marketing | Aug 31, 2010

When competing for new business, resist selling yourself out as the lowest bidder. Keep your integrity and your clients by delivering value-priced services.

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