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Digital Marketing Strategies

The professionals at Walker Marketing have the expertise and knowledge required to transform your digital opportunities into business results. Using proven, measurable strategies and tactics, we ensure that your digital marketing plays a key role in your successful communications and public relations efforts.

Website Strategies

Our team helps you build an effective website with the right design and user experience to engage your audience and create a digital foundation for all your marketing efforts. With the right website experience, you get the traffic you want and the conversions you need.

Email Marketing Strategies

Our email marketing experts help you grow and segment a healthy email list, create email marketing strategies, send emails that boost response and conduct A/B testing for optimum performance. Your growing email database puts customer and prospect relationships at your fingertips to help you continue to engage your audience.

Content Strategies

The creative strategists at Walker Marketing develop blog and social media posts, podcasts, articles, white papers and more to demonstrate your knowledge and to create ongoing engagement with your prospects and clients. When visitors find your website, great content gives them a reason to return.

Dedicated Reporting Systems

We provide the analysis and insight you need to make quantifiable marketing decisions with confidence. You can evaluate your results with reports and dashboards that assess digital performance and track key conversions, and you can demonstrate measurable ROI from your marketing efforts.

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