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Discovery Provides Clarity

With the abundance of marketing and advertising messages crowding the marketplace, one of the most important marketing rules remains “know your audience.” Our proven marketing discovery process holds the key to cutting through the clutter — so you can surpass the competition with keen insights rather than a bigger marketing budget.

The Discovery Process

During the discovery process, we review the market position of your brand and analyze your competitive situation from every angle — including evaluating your current clients and prospects, anticipating their actions and motivations, and validating your current brand. Our in-depth research techniques give you a leg up on the competition and ensure that you get the most from your marketing strategies and budget.

Surveys, Focus Groups and Market Analysis

The professional research team at Walker Marketing brings you significant experience in conducting meaningful, measurable surveys, focus groups and market analyses. Working with us, you gain access to the latest primary and secondary research methodologies offering new insight into your current and prospective customers along with market and industry trends.

In-House Market Research Facility

We maintain a fully equipped, in-house research facility and staff skilled in the art of facilitation and analysis. From focus groups to telesurveys, Walker Marketing develops the most effective strategies and tactics to maximize the value of your marketing and public relations investment.

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