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Full-Service Video Production

Video brings your brand message to life, helping you communicate your strengths, share insights and information and highlight benefits and services in the most active way possible. Walker Marketing tells your story through video with professional services that include storyboards, scriptwriting, direction, production and editing. Regardless of your need, we’ll help you reach your target market in an imaginative way.

More than Meets the Eye

Whether you watch it on a phone, laptop or conference room screen, video has an incredible ability to influence audiences. YouTube alone garners one billion visitors a month, underscoring video’s worldwide reach and power. The next best thing to meeting with your prospects and customers, creative videos draw an audience in and instantly secure an emotional connection to your products, your company and your brand.

Comprehensive Capabilities

Because we work with some of the best talent, producers and directors in the business, our video capabilities are limitless. Experience allows us to handle videos of any scope, including short- and long-form videos, live action and animation, commercials, documentaries, testimonials, employee interviews, executive vignettes, site tours – the full panorama that footage and graphics offer.

Commanding Attention

Customers today have a short attention span, and video offers the fastest, most effective way to create a lasting impression. Because video appeals to both the visual and auditory senses, it encourages recall so viewers absorb and remember more information. Video can also help boost SEO rankings, increase website traffic and capture leads. Studies show that over 60% of people will share a video, making this medium the ultimate communication tool.

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