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The Cardinal at North Hills


The Client

Located on a 100-acre site, The Cardinal at North Hills is a continuing care retirement community situated in the thriving North Hills midtown district of Raleigh, N.C., a mixed-use development with ample retail, dining, office, residential, hotel and green space.

The Challenge

Walker Marketing was tasked with developing a unique brand position for The Cardinal within a highly saturated and competitive market while generating 1,900 qualified leads for sales to pre-sell half of all units, or 92 apartments, in 12 months.

The Strategy

Walker Marketing developed a marketing plan designed to communicate a compelling brand image that would build a sense of urgency, awareness and preference with target audiences. A strategic partnerships with nationally recognized Duke University Health System was also leveraged to promote future residents’ exclusive access to on-site health and wellness services and the Duke Center for Living, which features programs and tools for living a healthier, longer life.

Research indicated that the target demographic considered the location of The Cardinal within a mixed-use area to be its strongest attribute. As a result, Walker Marketing developed a creative strategy that showcased this unique benefit and rolled-out the campaign using a combination of direct mail, advertising, digital marketing, event marketing and public relations. The tagline “Close to Home, Far From Ordinary,” reinforced the message that residents of The Cardinal would benefit from all the shopping and dining conveniences of North Hills.



Brochures, sales sheets and floor plans used by sales representatives featured elegant watercolor illustrations to depict the upscale lifestyle and premier location offered by The Cardinal.



Print advertising reinforced the idea that The Cardinal would provide a lifestyle with every convenience within walking distance while providing a call-to-action for sales presentations.


Direct Mail

A multi-hit direct mail campaign touting location and lifestyle created widespread awareness and qualified leads for sales. Once a waiting list was secured, a quarterly newsletter strengthened relationships and ties with future residents.

Direct Mail

Digital Marketing

A website was designed to educate prospects about the benefits of continuing and preventative care and served as a tool for keeping priority members engaged in The Cardinal’s development.

Digital Marketing

Public Relations

Public relations and event marketing generated new leads for the sales team while highlighting The Cardinal’s partnership with Duke University.

The Result

With digital tracking technologies in place to measure response rates, Walker Marketing was able to demonstrate the effectiveness of lead generation activities with a high level of accuracy. Data indicated that within a year of the start of the campaign, lead generation and pre-sales goals were achieved, and construction of Brightmore was visibly underway. Conversion ratios from lead to deposit exceeded expectations at 60 percent, and widespread media coverage ensured high levels of awareness, particularly in South Charlotte.

Moreover, through the application of database modeling, Walker Marketing was equipped to build buyer profiles to fine-tune subsequent marketing communications and personalize messaging for greater relevance and impact.