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Active Day

Case Study

The Client

Active Day, Inc. was founded in 1995 with the goal of creating a nationwide network of community-based health care services to meet the needs of elderly, disabled adults and their caregivers. Since then, Active Day, Inc. has become the largest operator of adult day health services, in-home personal care companies and outpatient rehabilitation facilities in the country. The network provides adult day health services to more than 3,000 clients each day.

The Challenge

For years, adult day care has suffered from an identity crisis. With very little awareness among health care professionals and consumers, it was rarely considered as a viable long-term care option. Combined with the geographic diversity and fragmentation created by more than 50 centers in seven states, it was a challenge for Active Day to create both category and brand awareness, and census growth was flat.

The Strategy

Until Active Day retained Walker Marketing, the company relied on traditional forms of marketing and word-of-mouth to generate leads. Walker Marketing identified an opportunity to capitalize on the lack of general product awareness and competition to build a market leader position. A marketing plan further outlined methods to educate consumers and referral sources about the benefits of adult day health services, empower the company’s center directors to increase media and community outreach and ultimately generate more inquiries and admissions.



A secure intranet was created to provide center directors with the necessary tools to implement public relations efforts in their communities. Deemed the PR Resource Center, the intranet streamlined media outreach and gave Active Day a controlled and uniform approach to how it managed marketing activities throughout multiple media markets. Featuring templates, press materials, presentations and educational literature that could be customized by center, the resource center was updated monthly to enhance marketing efforts and encourage staff use.

Website and Search Marketing

Walker Marketing developed a website designed to generate inquiries and communicate the many benefits of medical adult day services. The site featured navigational paths based on audience type and medical conditions to ensure content relevance and keep visitors engaged. To ensure Active Day’s many locations and centers were showcased, conversion points such as a Center locator, inquiry and referral forms were incorporated into every page.

Organic and paid search campaigns were engaged to build a dominant presence around critical keywords and to drive qualified inquiries from a highly captive audience. By focusing narrowly on the keyword phrases that offered the greatest net business value, the campaign achieved significant page rank traction and generated an impressive return on investment.

Social Media

A Facebook page extended Active Day’s presence on the Internet and supported local networking and referral development efforts. The page served as a platform for sharing announcements, photos, videos, industry news and events. Original content such as client testimonials were posted as a means to both educate and spark interest among caregivers and health care professionals. For added visibility, Walker Marketing frequently commented on health care message boards to ensure adult day care was in the consideration set during online conversations about long-term care.

The Result

The PR Resource Center successfully enabled Active Day’s center directors to work like seasoned marketers and build brand awareness throughout the Eastern United States. Regarded as a highly cost-efficient solution, it elevated community outreach efforts across various markets and contributed to the surge in local print and broadcast media coverage.

With analytics and enhanced tracking tools in place, the success of the website and search engine marketing campaign was demonstrated by an increase in visits, leading page rank and conversions. After one year, the site achieved an 84 percent year-over-year increase in web form leads and a 70 percent increase in traffic. Key performance indicator reports showed return on investment of 400-plus percent and indicated the website as the third highest source for admissions.