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Tourism & Economic Development

How do you effectively market your destination for tourism or economic development? You need creative ways to tell your story, promote your location or product, and build relationships.

Relationship marketing is at the heart of what we do. In today’s destination marketing environment, engaging your consumer occurs primarily online in a heavily blog-driven and peer-influenced climate. Backed by more than three decades of experience, Walker Marketing uses measurable, proven strategies and tactics to engage your audience and deliver results.

Time-Tested Strategies

Every Walker project begins with a strategic look at your brand’s market position, followed by an integrated, holistic marketing plan designed for your unique goals and challenges. For every client, we aim for flawless execution that’s on time and on budget. Results are based on key performance metrics, analysis and reports that demonstrate measurable ROI. This process of “thought before action” has helped tourism and economic development clients — both B2B and B2C — capture untapped market potential nationwide.

Impressions Begin Online

For many locations, destinations, products and services, the first meeting begins with a search online, so you want to create a positive impression that leads to contact and conversion. In addition to traditional media, promotional materials and events, Walker Marketing provides digital strategies that include web design, content marketing, social media management and search engine (SEO/SEM) tactics that attract and fully engage your audience at the point of inquiry.

PR Tells Your Story

What stories does your destination tell? Using tested public relations strategies, Walker Marketing helps you develop fresh content to engage the right audiences across all your media channels. Imagine video that vicariously transports people to your location. Or well-placed articles, news coverage and social media campaigns that draw people to your product or service. Our public relations team crafts messages that create a clear picture of your offering and help prospects envision themselves at your door.

Our portfolio and case studies speak volumes about the type of marketing agency we are, what we’ve done, results we’ve produced and how we work with clients. By working with the experts at Walker Marketing, you gain confidence that your marketing research, strategies and tactics will deliver results that engage your audience.

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