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Video Content Trends

Video Content Trends: The Future of Content Marketing

Anywhere you go online these days, video plays a dominant role. From Facebook to LinkedIn, Twitter and various websites across industries, marketers and consumers are choosing video for information, education and entertainment.

More than 1 billion unique users visit YouTube each month, spending more than 4 billion hours watching videos.

What are some of the emerging trends in video content, and how can you best harness the power of online video for your senior living community?

Cheaper, Readily Available Tools

One of the most-significant trends driving the ubiquitous presence of online video is the universal availability of mobile devices. With nearly everyone carrying a video camera — in the form of mobile phones and tablets — video creation and sharing has surged in recent years.

For 2018 and beyond, think in terms of taking advantage of the always-on capabilities of video cameras in the hands of your residents, family members and employees. With a few add-ons like microphones and editing programs, you can begin producing videos that present a variety of perspectives and share your brand with the surrounding community in new and exciting ways.

Video as Both Marketing and Training Tool

Video has long stood as a highly effective method for disseminating information and instructional materials, and training videos are having a resurgence with a new emphasis on internet-based content. With professional, clear videos, you can provide instruction to more of your team members at once. Happy, well-trained team members are more likely to serve as ambassadors for your brand and your community.

In addition, consider offering training courses for the greater community, including family care partners and professionals who work with the senior population in your area. Use your in-house, expert team members to create memorable content that can guide and inform others.

The ‘Video First’ Movement

Facebook created the term “Video First” to describe the growing trend of individuals both consuming and creating video content. The term also encompasses the growing prevalence of video as a preferred method of communication that is quickly outpacing text.

Because of the “Video First” trend, many types of businesses have begun to position video as a centerpiece of their marketing programs. Social platforms provide some of the easiest, most convenient methods for sharing video — both by organizations and by individual consumers. To maximize marketing efforts for your community, continue to build a robust social media presence that serves as a home base for your video content.

Diverse Social Platforms

Consumers of all ages have expanded their video-viewing preferences beyond Facebook, and your organization also should diversify its video sharing across a number of popular social platforms. Choosing a social site for your video is no longer an either/or proposition, but rather a matter of reaching the most people who may become interested in your community and share the word.

A marketing agency like Walker Marketing can assist you with identifying the platforms that will work best for your intended audience, from Instagram, YouTube and Twitter to lesser-known sites like Twitch.

Creating Engagement

The best video content engages viewers in an emotional way and encourages them to take further action, whether contacting you or passing the video on to a friend or family member. By sharing meaningful stories about your residents and employees, you create stronger connections with your audience.

Videos that educate and provide important information in easy-to-digest form also should play a key role in your content strategy. When your videos bring value to your audience, you increase trust and confidence in your organization.

Professional Strategy and Approach

With mobile devices nearly universal, just about anyone can shoot and share video. But creating videos that resonate with your audience and begin a meaningful dialogue takes strategy, professionalism and consistency.

In a competitive environment, simply creating a constant stream of video content will not suffice to differentiate your community. Walker Marketing has experience across an array of disciplines — including strategy development, video production, brand messaging, and content optimization and distribution — and can assist you in making the most of current video content trends. By incorporating video into your overall marketing strategy, you create new ways of engaging and educating your target audiences.