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Marketing During the Holidays

With the holidays just around the corner, seasonal marketing strategies become top of mind for many types of businesses. From consumer-facing retailers to B2B service firms, marketing during the holidays can provide a boost for the coming year. What are some of the top strategies you should consider to make the holidays merrier for you and your clients?

Give Special Gifts

If you own or run a business, you likely give holiday gifts to your clients. Among B2B services firms, holiday gift giving is customary, and certain consumer-oriented businesses often provide gifts for high-value clients as well. With so many companies offering gifts, it’s easy for yours to get lost in the holiday shuffle.

To stand out, consider some ways to make the gift experience unique for your clients or customers. Rather than sending a generic gift basket or box to everyone, think about ways you can personalize your gift. For business customers, you can offer a special service – such as sending gifts to their clients. For consumers, you might create unique packaging that incorporates an eye-catching design in holiday colors.

Make Use of Emotion

For many people, the holiday season brings back pleasant memories of childhood and family functions. Consider creating meaningful marketing that appeals to the emotional aspects of the holiday. Nostalgic elements, including family photos and videos, can add a noteworthy touch to your marketing campaigns. In addition, consider partnering with a local charity to collect holiday donations.

Tell a Unique Story with Your Brand

What holiday stories can you tell about your brand? How does your brand relate to gifts your clients might receive or holiday experiences they might have? For example, a digital security company might focus on reminding consumers to take the proper precautions with new gadgetry they receive as holiday gifts. Alternatively, you can offer tricks, tips and other shareable information that can help make the holidays easier for your clients, or you can enhance your product or service offerings by partnering with another business.

Consider working with an experienced marketing agency to uncover a unique holiday marketing angle for your brand.

Get the Timing Right

Be sure to begin your promotions – or send out holiday cards or gifts – with enough time to spare before the holiday. At the same time, don’t start so early that customers forget your efforts by the time the holiday rolls around. For Christmas and other December holidays, target your marketing efforts and gifts within the final weeks of November and all of December.

Prep Your Website

For all types of businesses, your website plays a crucial role in your success throughout the year. During the holidays, a slow or poorly designed site can cause a true disaster for your organization. Before you enter crunch time for your holiday marketing efforts, work with an expert to ensure your site runs smoothly and allows customers to find what they want easily.

Segment Your Customers Correctly

You should make some of your holiday promotions available to all your customers and prospective customers. However, you may want to reserve your best deals for your best customers. Your marketing agency can assist you in properly segmenting your customers according to the value they bring to your business – and making your holiday offers accordingly.

Get Social — Strategically

Your social media presence should play a key role in your marketing efforts. During the holidays, social media can boost sales among existing customers, generate interest in your brand, and bring in new buyers. For maximum effectiveness, work with your marketing agency to design campaigns that offer deals while focusing on the spirit of giving for the holidays. Native-advertising campaigns, modeled after individual platforms, also can help promote engagement with customers in the social spaces they enjoy.

Rethink Black Friday and Cyber Monday

Some businesses are grabbing headlines – and consumer goodwill – by shirking the trend and shutting down on Black Friday. Retailer REI, for example, has chosen the hashtag #OptOutside as it closes stores on the traditional major shopping day and encourages consumers to enjoy some time outdoors.

Black Friday remains a significant sales day for most businesses that serve consumers, however, and Cyber Monday has joined suit in recent years. If you choose to promote deals for either day, your marketing agency can assist you with striking the right tone to drive traffic – to both your digital and bricks-and-mortar sites.

Spread Cheer With Holiday Marketing

As you design your holiday marketing campaigns, consider ways to offer your customers the gifts everyone wants: less stress and more time. Can your product or service save people money or make a task easier? Whether you extend “Season’s Greetings,” “Happy Hannukah,” “Merry Christmas” or other holiday wishes, you can connect and engage with your audience over the holidays by telling a unique brand story, getting the timing right, making use of social media and offering special gifts.