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Digital marketing actions that help increase your sales

Digital Marekting to Increase Sales

These days, most business owners know that digital marketing involves making people aware of their products and services on the internet. But what does digital marketing entail? Any marketing effort that uses electronic devices or networks qualifies as digital marketing. Blog posts, search engine optimization, content marketing, social media marketing, online public relations and pay-per-click…

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A Holiday Wish List for Aging Parents

Woman with her senior mother

It’s no surprise that adult children worry about their aging parents. A recent survey uncovered common concerns about parents living alone in their homes, including: Health problems. Loneliness and unhappiness. Inability to provide self-care. Insufficient financial resources. As parents age, their adult children want the best for them and hope their family members will enjoy…

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How to Bring the Holiday Spirit of Giving Into Work

Holiday Spirit at Work

For many organizations, December represents the busiest time of the year. As the winter holidays near, work must go on – and finding the time and energy to get into the spirit can be challenging. For your employees, holiday responsibilities can exacerbate the stress of the busy season at work. But the holidays also are…

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Marketing During the Holidays

christmas gift on office desk

With the holidays just around the corner, seasonal marketing strategies become top of mind for many types of businesses. From consumer-facing retailers to B2B service firms, marketing during the holidays can provide a boost for the coming year. What are some of the top strategies you should consider to make the holidays merrier for you…

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The Importance of Intergenerational Relationships

grandparent with grandchildren

Too often in our modern society, older and younger people keep to themselves. Rather than spending time together – as was the case years ago – people of different generations have become increasingly isolated as social media and other digital forms of communication become ubiquitous. Unfortunately, both older and younger people lose out when they…

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Why a Healthy Company Culture Is Important

company culture

Thanks to a few well-known organizations and their rock-star CEOs, company culture has received significant press — both positive and negative — in recent years. At Apple, for instance, employees exhibit high levels of motivation as well as high sales numbers. The key for these high-performing workers? Analysts say the right motivation goes a long…

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Attracting Boomers Requires Innovation, Choice

Illustration of seniors and baby boomers

For many industries, attracting the massive baby boomer market will hold the key to success in the coming decade. The oldest of the boomers have reached their early 70s, and modern medicine — along with a new emphasis on healthy lifestyles — is helping them live longer and better than ever. As boomers begin to…

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