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At Walker Marketing, we don’t just talk about thought leadership — we practice it. You’re invited to read our blog posts and learn about our thoughts on marketing and public relations. We welcome your comments and questions.

Smart Cookies: Digital Marketing and the Evolution of Online Behavior Tracking

By Walker Marketing | Sep 30, 2010

As tracking of online behavior has increased, so has the scrutiny of tracking practices.

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Tell it All and Tell it Fast

By Walker Marketing | Sep 28, 2010

When it comes to crisis communication, acting quickly and transparently can be critical to preserving the integrity of your brand.

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5 Reasons to Drive People to Your Facebook Page

By Walker Marketing | Sep 8, 2010

So you have a Facebook page… Now what?

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Faster + Better + Cheaper = Waste

By Walker Marketing | Aug 31, 2010

When competing for new business, resist selling yourself out as the lowest bidder. Keep your integrity and your clients by delivering value-priced services.

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Four Ways to Improve the "Social" Attributes of Your Shopping Cart

By Walker Marketing | Aug 23, 2010

As an alternative to adding ecommerce to social sharing sites, consider reconfiguring your existing website’s post conversion pages with social media tools!

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Friends, Fans and Customers

By Walker Marketing | Aug 16, 2010

More and more we see companies large and small experimenting with social networks to see how and if it can benefit their bottom line.

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Today's Communication Tools may be Mightier than the Sword

By Walker Marketing | Aug 9, 2010

Technology cuts away barriers and gives each of us a global platform for capturing and distributing news.

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How Old Spice Created New Opportunity For Senior Businesses

By Walker Marketing | Jul 22, 2010

New viral advertising campaign should be a blueprint in future strategic planning for seniors.

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