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At Walker Marketing, we don’t just talk about thought leadership — we practice it. You’re invited to read our blog posts and learn about our thoughts on marketing and public relations. We welcome your comments and questions.

Staking Your Claim – Owning One Thing at Your Community

By Walker Marketing | Jun 20, 2017

What makes your senior living community special? If your answer is “everything,” you may have some work to do in the branding arena. Multitasking is a myth and so is being exceptional at everything. Consumers understand that no one — and no organization — can be all things to all people. Even massive corporations stumble…

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Media Training and Talking Points for Leaders for Interviews

By Walker Marketing | Jun 20, 2017

If you’ve participated in interviews with local or national media, you know the experience can be harrowing. Maybe the reporter asked questions you didn’t anticipate, or maybe you simply felt extremely anxious. Interviews are a fact of life for organizational leaders. As a CEO or executive in a senior living community, you’re likely to be…

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Alternatives to stock photography.

Alternatives to Stock Photography

By Walker Marketing | May 23, 2017

For many senior living communities, stock photography can provide a convenient, relatively inexpensive alternative to hiring a professional photographer for an on-campus shoot. However, using stock photos comes with some potential pitfalls. Despite the vast number of choices in stock photography, it’s not the right fit for every situation. While you may find lots of…

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Leveraging caregiver testimonials.

Leveraging Caregiver Testimonials

By Walker Marketing | May 15, 2017

For a variety of reasons, many adult children serve as caregivers — either part-time or full-time — for senior parents. In most cases, caregivers act out of love and concern, but the physical and emotional toll can be great. If your community offers assisted living, memory care or skilled nursing, adult children or other caregivers…

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Creating Talking Points for Your Community Leaders

By Walker Marketing | Apr 26, 2017

Can members of your leadership team quickly express your mission and describe what differentiates your community? By creating basic talking points, you can ensure that your community relations director and other executives can — on the spur of the moment, if necessary — summarize your community’s brand positioning. Talking points can help get your team…

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Why Off-Site Events Can Be Effective

By Walker Marketing | Apr 26, 2017

In senior living, most selling happens within the confines of communities. The traditional approach aims various marketing channels toward persuading prospective residents to tour your campus in person. If you can convince a prospect to visit, seeing often is believing. Your website, print ads and social media posts can engage your prospects and get them…

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Your Community’s Brand Position, Part III: What Is Your Community Brand Aspiration?

By Walker Marketing | Mar 23, 2017

If you have a business, you have a brand. But the brand you have may not be the brand you want. For a variety of reasons, senior living community brands sometimes fail to meet the expectations of management, staff, residents and their loved ones, board members, and citizens from the local area. Perhaps the community…

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Digital marketing conversion points.

Leveraging Digital Channels to Generate Leads, Part III: Create Informative Conversion Points on Your Website

By Walker Marketing | Mar 16, 2017

How many hats does your website wear? From alert system to communications hub to home base for blog posts, websites for senior living communities often serve a variety of purposes and audiences. Often lost in the shuffle, though, is the key reason for a website to exist: sales. Your community likely doesn’t engage in direct…

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