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Senior Living, Long-Term Care and Health Care

With demographics shifting and competition increasing, reaching your senior living and health care audiences requires skill and accuracy. Beyond the challenges inherent in modern health care marketing, a compelling message is required to engage the senior living market, including long-term care, home care and hospice care.

Walker Marketing offers the specialized expertise required to effectively tell your story to your diverse audiences. Let us develop a marketing strategy that differentiates you in the marketplace and engages seniors and health care clients at every stage of their journeys.

See some of the work we’ve provided our clients in senior living, long-term care and health care.

What proven results can you expect from working with Walker Marketing?

A Well-Defined Audience

Our team performs a comprehensive analysis of your current situation and offers innovative, tested methods for understanding the personality, lifestyle and affiliations of your audience members. With that key information in hand, we help you uncover new marketing opportunities, fortify your brand and allocate your resources effectively.

Creative that Builds Confidence

Communication is key in keeping your key audiences engaged and committed to your brand. Our creative department produces everything you need to execute your strategic plan, from sales brochures and direct mail campaigns to digital media and advertising. All creative is designed to convey the unique benefits of choosing you as a provider and engage your audience.

Increased Occupancy, Referrals

At the end of the day, it’s all about the bottom line. When you partner with Walker Marketing for your senior living and long-term care marketing needs, you gain more than 30 years of experience helping organizations like yours increase referrals, occupancy and revenue through integrated marketing communication.

Our portfolio and case studies speak volumes about the type of marketing agency we are, what we’ve done, results we’ve produced and how we work with clients. By working with the experts at Walker Marketing, you gain confidence that your marketing research, strategies and tactics will deliver results that engage your audience.


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