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Leverage digital marketing channels.

Leveraging Digital Channels to Generate Leads, Part II: Repurposing Content in eNewsletters

Leverage digital marketing channels.If your community has a website and a social media presence, you’re probably creating content on a regular basis. From blog posts and tweets to Instagram photos and white papers, your communications staff may crank out a variety of content designed to engage your target audience.

What ultimately happens to all that content? If your community is like most, it simply continues to age until it’s no longer relevant. To get more bang for your content buck, why not consider repurposing text, photographs and even videos into an eNewsletter format that can help generate leads for your community?

Before you get started, consider these tips for repurposing your content into a compelling eNewsletter that your prospects actually read.

Choose the Right Content

Not every piece of content you’ve created will work well in an eNewsletter format. Your prospective residents and their loved ones likely hold a favorable view of your community, but even the most devoted followers eventually will tire of a constant sales pitch.

Informative, educational and useful pieces work best for a newsletter. Remember, you’re competing with every other piece of mail that lands in your subscribers’ inboxes. To get and keep the attention of your audience, your eNewsletter will need to develop a reputation as a go-to resource for senior living information – rather than just information about your specific community.

Consider Segmenting and Personalizing

Depending on the size of your organization, you may develop a subscriber base that’s sufficient for segmenting. If you create enough content for your other platforms, consider sending out topical eNewsletters focusing on health, lifelong learning, memory care or other subjects of interest to your readers.

In addition, addressing your eNewsletters to individual subscribers will help catch their attention and convince them to click. Your marketing agency can assist you with ways to personalize and segment.

Create a Substantial Subscription Page

Most people feel that they get way too much email as it is, and many hesitate to sign up for more. To convince your website visitors and social media followers to subscribe to your eNewsletter, create a subscription page that provides specifics.

How often will you send the eNewsletter? What types of content will it include? Can prospective subscribers download a preview? Consumers have become much choosier about what they allow into their digital spheres; to generate subscriptions that can convert to leads, your eNewsletter needs to stand out from the crowd. The best way to do that is to make sure your content is useful and targeted to your audience.

Rework Pieces and Use Creative Subject Lines

Even though you’re repurposing, the content for your eNewsletter should feel fresh. Assume that at least some of your readers also view your blog, social media channels and other content. If you simply send the same verbatim content, those subscribers may quickly become bored.

If you don’t have a writer in-house, work with your marketing agency for quick rewrites to give your existing content a new spin. And when you send out your eNewsletters, choose engaging subject lines that reflect the latest content. “Tips for Staying Young at Any Age” likely will draw more clicks than “Read Our Latest Newsletter.”

Test for Success

If you haven’t yet used A/B testing in your marketing, eNewsletters present the perfect opportunity. By separating your mailing list and using different subject lines and even layouts, over time you can determine which methods glean the most clicks and conversions to real leads. You may find that something as simple as text color can affect your success rate.

Include a Focused Call to Action

If your readers have gone as far as signing up, opening an email, clicking and viewing your content, they may be ready to take the next step. Consider what action you’d like your readers to take after they have perused your eNewsletter.

That next step can be as simple as “Send me more information” or “Please have a marketing representative contact me for a personal consultation.” Your call to action should be customized for your community’s marketing process, and it should be clear to the reader.

Know That Persistence Pays

Generating qualified leads through an eNewsletter will take time. With a little patience and the right strategy, you can create an eNewsletter brand that recipients welcome – and that builds your lead base.