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Enhance your digital marketing

Enhancing the Digital Marketing Experience

In many senior living communities, prospective residents visiting for the first time enter a meeting room, where they hear a presentation by a marketing representative. The marketing rep then guides a tour of the community and offers visitors a packet of printed literature to take home.

While this formula has effectively introduced many people to the benefits of senior living, newly available technologies can now enhance the experience. In a variety of forms, interactive technologies are providing broader perspectives into all that communities have to offer.

With 2018 just around the corner, what are some of the benefits of enhancing your digital marketing experience, and how can you get started?

Creating a Great First Impression

Before prospects ever decide to visit your community, they will review your website.

Affluent and highly educated seniors, in particular, are adopting technology at rates similar to those of younger adults. To make a positive, memorable first impression with prospective residents and their adult children, consider expanding your digital marketing offerings beyond the basics.

The best senior living marketing programs still rely on professional, personable and knowledgeable marketing representatives to engage prospective residents once they enter the community. But those marketing programs are also using compelling online experiences to get people in the door.

To engage prospects and persuade them to visit, your website must go beyond serving as an online version of your printed brochures. Instead, it should offer features like real-time availability of residences along with virtual tours, 3D floor plans and interactive looks at features and amenities.

Moving Beyond Print

Today’s seniors expect more than a friendly face and standard print collateral when they enter your community. For individuals who have spent significant time researching online, receiving photocopied floor plans — or even a glossy sales brochure — can result in disappointment and an unfavorable initial view of your community.

To delight your prospects and make an emotional impact, consider interactive presentations that engage the senses. Today’s bright, high-resolution touchscreens work perfectly to provide interactive, engaging tours of your community.

Professionally produced, interactive tours presented on large touchscreens can incorporate a variety of content, including videos of your activities and amenities, interactive floor plans and photos.

You can choose to involve a marketing representative or allow prospects to enjoy self-guided tours. Either way, interactive tours offer a comprehensive experience of your community.

Providing Information on the Go

In the past, when prospects had questions during tours, marketing counselors often could not provide answers until they consulted materials back in their offices. Today, mobile technologies like iPads and other tablets allow your team members to provide in-depth information throughout your community.

Using wireless internet connections, marketing and sales staff members can access just about any information — including photos, videos and floor plans — prospects desire. If a prospect asks about availability of a slightly larger residence after viewing a model apartment, for instance, your counselors can instantly access real-time data about availability.

Tablets and other mobile technologies can be used alongside larger touchscreens throughout your community, or they can be used on their own to allow team members to access information and make presentations as they move throughout your campus.

Using Environmental Graphic Design

Throughout senior living campuses, many communities are installing digital signage to provide helpful information to residents, prospective residents, family members and employees. Event listings, details about services, weather reports and local news are among the types of information such signage can offer.

As digital signage continues to evolve, more communities will use it as the foundation for experiential digital design elements. Such environmental design can include any moving images and digital text, along with displays similar to those used in museums.

Environmental design can improve the ways in which residents, employees and visitors experience your campus. One significant purpose of current and evolving digital signage is wayfinding, which helps people easily understand their location within your community and find the areas of your campus they wish to reach. Thoughtfully created environmental design elements also can enhance and beautify public spaces in your community as they provide valuable information.

Enhancing Your Digital Marketing

Before you begin incorporating additional technology into your marketing program, consider your overall strategy. By working from a comprehensive plan, you choose effective digital marketing tactics and ensure the best use of your marketing dollars. Walker Marketing can assist you in developing a targeted marketing strategy that makes the most of the latest digital tools.