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Tourism Marketing

Getting the Most From Conference Attendance

Make the Most of Your Conference Attendance

Most professionals have a love-hate relationship with conferences. On the one hand, they’re necessary for networking and staying informed about your industry. On the other hand, they can be time-wasters — with too many hours spent sitting in unhelpful sessions or making sales pitches that go nowhere. Conferences also can cause a significant amount of…

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Standardizing Marketing Performance for DMOs

Even as performance reporting for marketing professionals becomes more standardized, the need for organizations to demonstrate return on marketing investment continues to increase. Specifically in the tourism industry, performance reporting serves as a tool for communicating the critical role served by destination marketing organizations (DMOs) to their stakeholders. Traditionally, performance measures and productivity metrics are…

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Carolinians View Travel Within State as a "Getaway" vs. "True Vacation"

In April 2013, focus groups were conducted on behalf of the N.C. Division of Tourism, Film and Sports Development. The overall objective was to explore vacation-related attitudes, perceptions and behaviors of North Carolina residents regarding vacation travel in North Carolina. Why is this study important? Approximately 1/3 of our state’s travel revenue comes from North…

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Visitor Spending is Up in N.C.

Business North Carolina recently reported that despite the economy, visitor spending trends were up. Diane Nordstrom, the director the Currituck County Travel and Tourism Department claims Currituck’s visitor spending rose 8.1 percent

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Creating Memories Through Branding

A tourism brand is a fond memory, a feeling. It is the sum of all rational and emotional attributes that a person associates with a place through the mind’s eye. Those seeking to brand or re-brand a destination should consider the true value of a brand to the beholder.

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