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Social Media

What to Do When Your Business Gets a Bad Review

Managing poor business reviews.

It used to be that when someone had a problem with your business, they called to complain. In most cases, a responsive manager could straighten out the issue, and the matter would end there. Today, however, a growing number of customer complaints appear online — potentially damaging your community’s reputation. How you respond to this…

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Using Social Media for Senior Living Communities

Social Media for Senior Living

Have you held off on diving into the deep end of social media? If so, you’re not alone. With an audience that trends older, senior living communities historically have not been first in line to try out new marketing methods. But these days, social media has become an integral part of most marketing plans. No…

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Social Media For Senior Living

Using social media for senior living.

Like most businesses these days, your senior living community has likely established a presence on social media. But are your efforts rewarding you with the desired result — engaging residents and their loved ones to tell a positive story about your community? Social media is not a direct selling channel, and it’s unlikely that you’ll…

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Top Social Media Trends for 2014

This time each year, predictions are made about which innovative tools will be most effective in marketing. Generally, this helps individuals determine where they should budget their time and resources for the upcoming year. So, Forbes has outlined several social media trends that they believe will dominate 2014.

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