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Public Relations

Media Training and Talking Points for Leaders for Interviews

If you’ve participated in interviews with local or national media, you know the experience can be harrowing. Maybe the reporter asked questions you didn’t anticipate, or maybe you simply felt extremely anxious. Interviews are a fact of life for organizational leaders. As a CEO or executive in a senior living community, you’re likely to be…

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How to Deal with Negative Online Reviews and Comments

In our increasingly mobile and connected world, online reviews play an unprecedented role in influencing buying behavior. In fact, nearly 90 percent of consumers say an online review has swayed a purchasing decision. For businesses, the power of online reviews cuts both ways. Positive reviews can act as a boon, creating a groundswell of customer…

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Marketing Is the Bridge that Connects You with Your Prospects

How do you connect with your prospects? In most communities, members of the sales team call prospective customers and schedule appointments on a regular basis. If you have a marketing program in place, you’re likely connecting with your prospects in dozens of additional ways every day. Conceived and executed correctly, the various components of your…

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Visitor Spending is Up in N.C.

Business North Carolina recently reported that despite the economy, visitor spending trends were up. Diane Nordstrom, the director the Currituck County Travel and Tourism Department claims Currituck’s visitor spending rose 8.1 percent

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