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Digital Marketing

Using Social Media for Senior Living Communities

Social Media for Senior Living

Have you held off on diving into the deep end of social media? If so, you’re not alone. With an audience that trends older, senior living communities historically have not been first in line to try out new marketing methods. But these days, social media has become an integral part of most marketing plans. No…

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Alternatives to Stock Photography

Alternatives to stock photography.

For many senior living communities, stock photography can provide a convenient, relatively inexpensive alternative to hiring a professional photographer for an on-campus shoot. However, using stock photos comes with some potential pitfalls. Despite the vast number of choices in stock photography, it’s not the right fit for every situation. While you may find lots of…

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Benchmarking and Tracking Your Marketing Results

Tracking your marketing results.

Is your marketing program delivering the results you want? If not, it’s time for a little detective work. By implementing measures to effectively benchmark and track your marketing efforts, you can determine which components are working — and which aren’t. Over the long term, the data you gather will help you allocate your marketing budget…

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Full-Funnel Marketing – It Works!

Full Funnel Marketing – It Works!

To maintain an optimal occupancy level, you probably coach your team to keep their sales funnel in mind. But have you considered going full-funnel? The modern concept of “full-funnel marketing” gives a turbo boost to the traditional sales funnel model of selling. The technique helps you spend your online marketing budget strategically — focusing on…

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Why FRESH Content Is King on Your Website

Content is King

New websites always come with the best intentions.

But as a website ages from brand-spanking new to weeks, months and years old, hopeful notions of frequently adding new content may fall by the wayside. In the beginning, maybe the updates are daily. Weekly updates then stretch to monthly, and suddenly, the “latest news” is staler than the last bagel at a staff meeting.

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Senior Living Video Strategies

Video shoot.

With more than a billion users, YouTube has become one of the internet’s premier destinations and the source of hundreds of millions of hours of video viewing each day. By next year, video is expected to account for nearly 70 percent of all consumer traffic on the internet. There’s no doubt that just about everyone…

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