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Content Marketing

Tips to Increase Direct Mail Marketing Campaign Engagement

Despite a mass migration to online marketing in recent years, direct mail remains a critical tool for most senior living communities to reach out to prospective residents. It’s true that seniors have increasingly adopted online channels for their entertainment, banking, learning and even medical needs. However, many older adults still enjoy opening their physical mailbox…

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Video Content Trends: The Future of Content Marketing

Video Content Trends

Anywhere you go online these days, video plays a dominant role. From Facebook to LinkedIn, Twitter and various websites across industries, marketers and consumers are choosing video for information, education and entertainment. More than half a billion people share video each day on Facebook, and video is expected to constitute 80 percent of consumer internet…

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Ideas for Making 2018 Your Best Year Yet

: Ideas for Making 2018 Your Best

With 2018 right around the corner, it’s a great time to take a look at ways to improve your marketing. Whether you need to rethink tactics or get a little better organized, consider incorporating these ideas to make the coming year your best yet. Create a Written Plan If you’re not already writing down your…

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Why FRESH Content Is King on Your Website

Content is King

New websites always come with the best intentions.

But as a website ages from brand-spanking new to weeks, months and years old, hopeful notions of frequently adding new content may fall by the wayside. In the beginning, maybe the updates are daily. Weekly updates then stretch to monthly, and suddenly, the “latest news” is staler than the last bagel at a staff meeting.

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Senior Living Video Strategies

Video shoot.

With more than a billion users, YouTube has become one of the internet’s premier destinations and the source of hundreds of millions of hours of video viewing each day. By next year, video is expected to account for nearly 70 percent of all consumer traffic on the internet. There’s no doubt that just about everyone…

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Social Media For Senior Living

Using social media for senior living.

Like most businesses these days, your senior living community has likely established a presence on social media. But are your efforts rewarding you with the desired result — engaging residents and their loved ones to tell a positive story about your community? Social media is not a direct selling channel, and it’s unlikely that you’ll…

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