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Brand Marketing

Podcasts: Why Are They the Next Marketing Frontier?

smartphone playing podcast

Whatever you’re interested in these days, there’s a podcast for that. From news talk to fitness, entrepreneurism, travel, pets and productivity, you‘ll find a selection of podcasts to please just about any audio preference. Nearly a quarter of American teens and adults listen to podcasts at least monthly. By the turn of the next decade,…

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Why Social Media Is Important in 2018

Why Social Media Is Important in 2018

Despite some less-than-flattering press recently, social media remains a key component in most marketing programs. With more competition than ever to connect with audiences, brands must continually find innovative ways to capture the imagination — and keep their customers’ interest. Only a few years ago, a social media strategy was simple: Be on social media.…

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Getting the Most From Conference Attendance

Make the Most of Your Conference Attendance

Most professionals have a love-hate relationship with conferences. On the one hand, they’re necessary for networking and staying informed about your industry. On the other hand, they can be time-wasters — with too many hours spent sitting in unhelpful sessions or making sales pitches that go nowhere. Conferences also can cause a significant amount of…

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Ideas for Making 2018 Your Best Year Yet

: Ideas for Making 2018 Your Best

With 2018 right around the corner, it’s a great time to take a look at ways to improve your marketing. Whether you need to rethink tactics or get a little better organized, consider incorporating these ideas to make the coming year your best yet. Create a Written Plan If you’re not already writing down your…

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Your Community’s Brand Position, Part I: How Do Your Residents Perceive Your Community?

Brand Positioning

The comedian Stephen Colbert coined the term “truthiness” to describe his view that facts don’t matter and perception is truth. In your senior living community, your success may depend less on the overall state of your operations, health care, human resources and programming than on how you’re perceived by residents. Because of past mistakes, current…

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What’s in a Name? Wellness Programs Around the Country

Senior couple doing yoga

What’s in a name? If you’re hoping to use your wellness program to attract prospective residents to your senior living community, the right name can significantly enhance your efforts.

Active seniors will scour your website and collateral materials for references to wellness. Broaching the topic without a strong branding element may or may not appeal to your prospects. And if you don’t mention wellness at all, you’ve probably lost those active and health-minded folks.

But what if you provide your prospects with thorough information about a program that has its own appealing brand personality? By creating a unique name and other branding elements for wellness efforts at your community, you merge science with psychology in what Forbes has referred to as a “promise mark.”

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Why 70 Just Won’t Act Gray, Today.

As the Baby Boom generation edges toward a retirement that is proving elusive for many, it may be a good time to make a few observations. Why won’t people act their age? We’ve all seen the videos of supposed seniors boogieing along with people half their age. Or heard stories of people rather advanced in…

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