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The Importance of Strategic Planning

Strategic planning.

Across the globe, CEOs have a problem: lack of time. Contrary to the predictions of yesteryear, many of the technologies and gizmos that were supposed to improve productivity have had the opposite effect. Today, executives seem to have less available time than ever. All too often, strategic planning falls victim to the modern CEO’s dilemma.…

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Baby Boomers are Rewriting the Rules for Retirement

Rewriting the rules for retirement.

Just a few decades ago, the average lifespan for Americans was only 61. Today, a healthy woman at age 65 has a 25-percent chance of living to age 90, and men have the same chance of living to age 89. Still, many people continue to retire at age 62, leaving nearly a quarter-century — or…

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How to Stay Healthy During Stressful Work Periods

Dealing with stressful work periods.

Your team members probably love working in your senior living community, but the job can get trying at times. Whether it’s resident complaints, state inspections or being down a few employees, stressful periods do arise even in the best communities. During challenging work periods, how can you and your staff members stay healthy, avoid illness…

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The Power of Storytelling

The power of storytelling.

How do you speak to your prospects about your senior living community? If your website focuses on listing your services, amenities and features, you may need to hone your storytelling skills. Your social media feed, printed literature, advertisements, direct mail pieces and website should work together to tell the story of your community. Why tell…

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Employee Appreciation and Positive Recognition in the Workplace


Most managers understand the importance of recruiting highly trained, compassionate, dedicated staff members to senior living communities. Attracting those valuable workers is only the beginning. Keeping them engaged and content in your community — and discouraging heeding the siren call of greener pastures — is an ongoing battle. The costs of recruiting and training new…

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Tips to Increase Direct Mail Marketing Campaign Engagement

Despite a mass migration to online marketing in recent years, direct mail remains a critical tool for most senior living communities to reach out to prospective residents. It’s true that seniors have increasingly adopted online channels for their entertainment, banking, learning and even medical needs. However, many older adults still enjoy opening their physical mailbox…

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What to Do When Your Business Gets a Bad Review

Managing poor business reviews.

It used to be that when someone had a problem with your business, they called to complain. In most cases, a responsive manager could straighten out the issue, and the matter would end there. Today, however, a growing number of customer complaints appear online — potentially damaging your community’s reputation. How you respond to this…

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Video Content Trends: The Future of Content Marketing

Video Content Trends

Anywhere you go online these days, video plays a dominant role. From Facebook to LinkedIn, Twitter and various websites across industries, marketers and consumers are choosing video for information, education and entertainment. More than 1 billion unique users visit YouTube each month, spending more than 4 billion hours watching videos. What are some of the…

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